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Commercial Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing a hardwood floor is often a tempting prospect for ambitious DIYers, but doing it yourself often means uneven surfaces and putting out fires. We are going to go out on a limb and suggest neither are what you are looking for in your commercial space.

When the hardwood floors of your business have lost their shine and are hurting the overall esthetic, you need to do something about it quickly. Presentation affects how customers, clients and even employees perceive how you run your organization and a poorly maintained floor is something they’ll certainly notice.

Don’t let people jump to negative conclusions about your business and contact Rustic Woodworks & Construction Decor LLC about refinishing your hardwood floors today. We will be happy to provide you with a free estimate and all of our many years of professional, practical experience.

Refinishing Oak Floors

The majority of hardwood floors are made from oak. It has been the popular choice because it is extremely durable, unfortunately it can only look as good as its last finish. Water stains, scratches, UV damage and areas worn down by foot traffic are surefire signs that it’s time to do something about that floor.

The first thing we will do when your oak floors need a facelift is remove everything from your work space, particularly things that collect dust like furniture, carpets and paintings. After sealing off all doorways, duct registers and cabinet doors, we will begin sanding off the old, damaged stain.

Once that’s done, we will apply the stain of your choice and your oak floors will look as good as new. Polyurethane finishes are extremely popular because they can handle heavy foot traffic and are resistant to almost everything. However, we will apply whichever stain you think is best for your commercial space. If you have trouble selecting a stain, we are always available to advise you in your choice. But more importantly, we want you to be satisfied with the final product.

Refinishing Old Hardwood Floors

Refinishing old hardwood floors is the same process as any other job, sanding and staining. However, it does require a little bit more professional finesse than a hardwood floor that was installed just over a decade ago. Unless you have owned the property for a number of years, you probably don’t know how many times it has been sanded and stained. If it’s been through this process many, many times, it is possible that there is hardly any surface left.

This is where Rustic Woodworks & Construction Decor LLC’s experts come in handy. When you choose us to refinish your old hardwood floors, we can assess and test its integrity to determine whether or not the floor can withstand another sanding and staining.

If not, our experts can provide you with alternative courses of action to get your floors beautiful again.

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