Commercial Hardwood Floor Refinishing Tampa Bay

Hardwood floors are a durable and beautiful option for any Tampa Bay commercial space. The reason more and more businesses are choosing hardwood floors is their easy maintenance coupled with their esthetic value. Regularly sweeping it with a soft bristle broom or dusting with a dry microfiber mop is practically all one needs to do to maintain their integrity.

That said, like all things, over time your hardwood floors will need more intensive maintenance to regain their shine. When a rigorous mopping or a clean with the recommended wood floor cleaner can’t get rid of the scuff marks and grime detracting from your gorgeous floors, it’s time to think about getting your hardwood floor refinished.

When a simple clean can’t rid your business’s hardwood floor blemishes, give Rustic Woodworks & Construction Decor LLC a call. For years, our group of highly skilled and fully licensed contractors have been restoring hardwood floors for commercial space all over the Tampa Bay area.

Take it from the experts, refinishing your hardwood floor is a deceptively hard job, especially in a place of business. We can take care of logistical things like diverting traffic away from the area getting refinished while making sure to keep all the dust from the sanding contained so that your daily operations are barely affected by the process.

If you want to take advantage of the best hardwood floor refinishing services in the Tampa Bay area, call Rustic Woodworks & Construction Decor LLC today.

Sanding and Staining Wood Floors

Sanding and staining a wood floor can easily turn a drab place of work into a stunning place of work that will make employees enthusiastic to come in to work and clients eager to do business with your company. However, as the experts, we need to tell you that sanding and staining hardwood floors is not as easy as YouTube tutorials make it out to be.

If you over-sand or unevenly stain the floor, your hardwood could be all but ruined. Not to mention, certain floors can’t be refinished. For example, if you are not 100% certain that your hardwood floors are in fact a wood laminate composite that was not made to be refinished, you could do some serious damage to your floors. Other solid wood floors have been refinished so many times that there may not be enough surface left to withstand another standing.

This is where Rustic Woodworks & Construction Decor LLC’s experienced technicians can be such a huge asset. When you call us for a free estimate on our hardwood refinishing surfaces, we can come to your place of work to assess whether or not you really need our services. By getting the experts to assess the situation, you could be saving yourself a lot of grief and expensive repair or replacement costs.

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You may not think about your floors much over the course of the work day, but customers will definitely notice if they haven’t been properly maintained. Make sure that every part of your business is up to the highest standard and contact Rustic Woodworks & Construction Decor LLC about our hardwood floor refinishing services.