Commercial Countertop Refinishing Orlando

When the color of your countertops is painfully out of date, what can you do? When they bear unsightly chips, cracks and other damage, something needs to be done about those countertops. As soon as your business’s countertops start showing black or moldy grout lines, then you absolutely need to do something to your countertops. But again, what can you do? Is replacing your countertops the only option?

Thankfully, no! When the countertops of your Orlando business have lost their luster, expensive replacement is not the only option thanks to Rustic Woodworks & Construction Decor LLC’s expert countertop refinishing services. Refinishing is an affordable alternative to replacements. And in just a few hours, your business will be equipped with good as new counters no matter what they are made out of thanks to our extensive professional experience.

If you would like to take advantage of Rustic Woodworks & Construction Decor LLC’s top-rated countertop refinishing services and get stunning countertops in your place of work, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

Advantages of Countertop Refinishing

There are a number of benefits to getting your countertops refinished, but one of the advantages we are quick to tell clients about is how much you save when you choose to refinish rather than replace. Countertop refinishing is on average 50% cheaper than getting your counters replaced. By cutting the cost of materials and labor, you can spare your business from incurring too many overhead costs when you choose to refinishing rather than replace.

Another reason why refinishing is such an attractive option for commercial spaces is because you can avoid the demolition mess associated with replacement. Any business owner who has done demolition or renovations in their place of business knows how difficult it can be. Even the slightest setbacks could throw your whole fiscal budget out of the window. Rather than close up shop for an undetermined amount of time waiting for demolition, cleanup and installation to be complete, we can have your commercial countertops ready for light duty within 36 hours at most. Why wait weeks for the kitchen or bathroom you have always wanted?

Rustic Woodworks & Construction Decor LLC is proud to offer Orlando customers a number of different colors and textures, so simply let us know what your decorating plans are and we’ll be happy to recommend some options we think might be the best fit.

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Don’t settle for lackluster counters. Particularly if they are reflecting poorly on your business. You deserve a stunning bathroom and kitchen and that begins with a new finish for your counters. So, call us today if you want your Orlando business to stand out.