Commercial Hardwood Floor Refinishing Daytona Beach

If your Daytona Beach commercial space is going to be remodeled soon, you should take this opportunity to get the hardwood floors refinished. It’s not an easy undertaking to restore a hardwood floor’s shine, but it is something we here at Rustic Woodworks & Construction Decor LLC have been specializing in for many years, which means we are confident that our highly skilled technicians can make your floors look brand new once we’re through.

If you are interested in a stunning floor that looks brand new to accompany your upcoming commercial remodel, contact Rustic Woodworks & Construction Decor LLC today.

When to Refinish Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a gorgeous feature of any building, commercial or residential, and they can last for centuries. However, they can only last and look good if they are given the required care. This means, of course, cleaning them regularly, but after some time you will eventually need refinish them. The trick is being able to recognize that this is the treatment your hardwood floors need.

Below are some of the signs it’s time to refinish your commercial space’s hardwood floors. If your floors fit the bill, do not hesitate to contact Rustic Woodworks & Construction Decor LLC and request a free estimate on our services.

Lots of Scratches

If there are many scratches all over your floor, especially ones that have worn through the stain, it’s time to refinish your floors. It is typically easier to recognize when a scratch has broken through the stain when the finish is dark. Most scratches are topical and will come out with a sanding and they will be history once the new stain is applied by one of our expert floorers.

Boards are Turning Gray

When a polyurethane stain wears off, your floors are likely to absorb water from rain, foot traffic, spills and even cleaning products used during routine maintenance. When the boards start to go gray, it’s a sign that you floors are crying out for help because they are in the process of oxidizing. Don’t wait to refinish them if they are going gray because putting off a refinish at this point is setting yourself up for a costly replacement in the near future.

Meanwhile, if certain boards have turned black, we have to replace and weave in new boards before we stain it. Otherwise, we’ll be limited to using darker finishes.

Sun Damage

When UV rays have made your hardwood floors look discolored or unhealthy, there is no choice but to refinish it if you want to restore the floor to its former glory. Sanding off the UV ray raddled top layer and adding the stain of your choice will eliminate any memory of the floor you used to stand on every day.

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Refinishing hardwood floors is not an easy task. From clearing the area of all furniture to trying to contain all the dust that gets spread from the sanding process, it can be a real headache for anyone who isn’t experienced in this type of work.

So, take advantage of our extensive experience and contact Rustic Woodworks & Construction Decor LLC when you want your hardwood floors refinished right.